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Cupcake classes can be an excellent way to bring teams or businesses together. Not only are they a sweet and fun experience, but they can also help increase engagement, communication, and collaboration within the group. Cupcake classes are a great way to spark creativity and develop problem-solving skills as each participant contributes their unique talents to create something special. Additionally, learning how to bake cupcakes in a group setting helps foster trust and build relationships as everyone works together towards a common goal. Team building activities like these have been shown to improve morale, productivity, and overall workplace satisfaction. Cupcake classes offer a hands-on activity that can be thoroughly enjoyable for everyone involved!

Chocofantasy’s Baking Training offers comprehensive classes for all levels of baking expertise. Led by expert pastry chefs, our courses include everything from basics like mixing and measuring to more complex techniques such as working with fondant and sugar artistry. Each course provides a full introduction to baking concepts, tools, and ingredients so you can create professional-grade cupcakes in no time! We also offer specialty classes that focus on particular themes or trends like unicorn cakes and holiday treats. Our experienced instructors provide step-by-step instructions in an engaging environment so you can learn the skills needed to make outstanding cupcakes right at home! With Chocofantasy’s Baking Training, anyone can become a master baker in no time at all.

Team building activities and having fun baking cup cakes and decorating them is what Chocofantasy Baking Training offers. With our Baking Training, you can learn the basics and gain more advanced baking knowledge with our experienced chefs. We offer everything from the standard “bake and decorate” to specific theme classes like unicorn cakes or themed holiday treats. Our hands-on approach ensures everyone has a good time while learning important skills that will help them succeed in their roles as bakers. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, Chocofantasy Baking Training will provide an engaging and enjoyable experience!

Our chefs have trained over 10000 students and have taken corporate training programmes for many corporate companies in India. Baking classes have become a popular form of team building activity for these companies as the process of baking and decorating cupcakes helps to foster trust, communication, creativity and collaboration among team members. Baking also promotes problem solving skills and encourages people to work together towards a common goal, which has resulted in improved morale, productivity and overall workplace satisfaction. Chocofantasy Baking Training provides everything you need to get started on your baking journey with our step-by-step instructions from experienced pastry chefs. You can be sure to get top quality results and leave the class feeling inspired!

So why wait? Come join us at Chocofantasy Baking Training and learn how to create professional grade cupcakes with ease! Our classes are engaging and fun, so you can be sure to have a great time. So gather your friends and colleagues and come join us for an unforgettable baking experience!

Our workshops:


Cup Cakes,Pastry,Icing,Decorations


Chocolates(pure also)

Cocoa Butter Coloring

Bean to bar

Vegan Baking





Eggless Bakes


Jar Desserts

Eggless Desserts


Wedding Cakes

Granola bars




Soaps(all processes)

Eye Makeup

Mineral makeup

Lipsticks,lip balm,lip gloss

Bath bombs

Peel Off Masks

Body Butters


Sulphate Free Shampoos

Creams & Lotions




Candle Making 

With Chocofantasy Training And Finishing School, you will get the skills needed to become a master baker in no time! Make sure to sign up today and start your journey towards becoming a pro at cupcake baking. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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We do have online classes for cupcakes

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